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Special offers, Discounted:

Property in Thailand: Studio in Pattaya, 0 bedrooms, 25 sq.m., 2,231,000 THB
Dusit Grand Park 2
Studio, Size 25 sq.m.
2,231,000 THB
Property in Thailand: Apartment in Pattaya, 2 bedrooms, 58.5 sq.m., 4,456,000 THB
Pristine Park 3
2 bedrooms, Size 58.5 sq.m.
4,456,000 THB
Property in Thailand: Apartment in Pattaya, 2 bedrooms, 67 sq.m., 6,435,000 THB
Copacabana Coral Reef
2 bedrooms, Size 67 sq.m.
6,435,000 THB
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Pattaya Houses & Townhouses

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List of Properties by Name Houses & Townhouses in Pattaya

Wong Amat
Central Pattaya
South Pattaya
Pratamnak Hill
East Pattaya
Huai Yai
List of Properties by Name Houses & Townhouses in Pattaya  District  Sale price, THB  
Amaliya Village   Huai Yai
Areeya Villa   East Pattaya
Baan Anda   East Pattaya
Baan Balina 2   East Pattaya
Baan Balina 3   Huai Yai6,900,000 — 9,450,000
Baan Baramee   Bang Saray
Baan Chad Keaw   East Pattaya
Baan Chalita Village   East Pattaya
Baan Chokchai 4   Bang Saray
Baan Darawadee   Na-Jomtien
Baan Dusit Pattaya 1   Huai Yai3,600,000 — 5,600,000
Baan Dusit Pattaya 6   Huai Yai4,750,000 — 4,750,000
Baan Dusit Pattaya Lake   Huai Yai26,000,000 — 26,000,000
Baan Dusit Pattaya Park   Huai Yai4,750,000 — 4,750,000
Baan Dusit Pattaya Phase 5   Huai Yai
Baan Dusit Pattaya View   Huai Yai6,000,000 — 6,000,000
Baan Pha Rimhadd Jomtien   Jomtien
Baan Piam Mongkhon   Huai Yai5,490,000 — 12,800,000
Baan Sanmanee   Bang Saray
Baan Somprasong   Na-Jomtien
Baan Suan Neramit 2   East Pattaya
Baan Suay Mai Ngam   South Pattaya
Baan Talay   Na-Jomtien
Baan Thai Lanna   Bang Saray
Baan Tuscana   Bang Saray
Bali Hill   Wong Amat
Bang Sarey Resorts   Bang Saray
Bann Piam Mongkhon 3   Huai Yai
Beachfront House for Sale in Pattaya   Wong Amat
Beverly Hills Town Homes   Pratamnak Hill3,900,000 — 3,900,000
The Bliss Village   Huai Yai
Butterfly Garden Villas   Pratamnak Hill
Central Park 5   East Pattaya
Central Park Hill Side   East Pattaya
Cest Palai   Jomtien
Chateau Dale Tropical Villas   South Pattaya
Chokchai Garden Home 1   East Pattaya
Chokchai Garden Home 2   East Pattaya
Chokchai Garden Home 3   East Pattaya
Chokchai Garden Home 4   East Pattaya5,400,000 — 5,400,000
Chokchai Village 1   East Pattaya
Chokchai Village 3   East Pattaya
Chokchai Village 4   East Pattaya
Chokchai Village 5   East Pattaya
Chokchai Village 9   East Pattaya
Chokdee   Jomtien
Chomjan   Jomtien
Classic Garden Home   East Pattaya4,800,000 — 4,800,000
Classic Village   East Pattaya
Corrib Village   Pratamnak Hill
D Sign Homes   Huai Yai6,950,000 — 6,950,000
D Space Village   Huai Yai5,990,000 — 6,550,000
Dhewee Resort Pattaya   East Pattaya
Eakmongkol Chaiyapruek 2   Jomtien
Eakmongkol Soi 8   South Pattaya
Eakmongkol Thepprasit   South Pattaya
Eakmongkol Village 4   East Pattaya
Eakmongkol Village I III   East Pattaya
Fantip Village 2   East Pattaya
Grand Garden Home Bangsarey   Bang Saray
Green Cascade Villas Bangsaray   Bang Saray
Green Field Villas 2   East Pattaya
Green Field Villas 3   East Pattaya
Green Field Villas 4   East Pattaya
Hillside Village   East Pattaya
Hinvong Country View   Na-Jomtien
Hinvongnivate   Na-Jomtien
Impress House   East Pattaya
The Infini Pattaya   East Pattaya11,990,000 — 12,990,000
Jasmine Grand De View   Wong Amat
Jomtien Condotel Villas   Jomtien
Jomtien Palace Village   Jomtien
Jomtien Park Villas   Jomtien
Jomtien Yacht Club   Na-Jomtien
Koonsuk 1   Bang Saray
Koonsuk 2   Bang Saray
Le Beach House Bangsaray   Bang Saray
Majestic Residence   Pratamnak Hill
Mantara   East Pattaya
The Meadows   East Pattaya
Mike Orchid Villas I   East Pattaya
Mountain Village   Bang Saray
Mountain Village 2   South Pattaya7,100,000 — 12,500,000
Muban Pattaya Lagoon   East Pattaya
Muban Sirisa   Bang Saray
Muban Wantana   East Pattaya
Nagawari Village   Na-Jomtien8,200,000 — 10,500,000
Navy House   Bang Saray
Ngam Chaloen 2   East Pattaya
Nirvana Pool Villa   East Pattaya
Nordic Hill Resorts   Pratamnak Hill
Nordic Style House   East Pattaya2,890,000 — 2,890,000
Ocean Lane Villas   Na-Jomtien9,599,000 — 9,599,000
Palm Oasis Pool Villas   Jomtien9,000,000 — 9,000,000
Panalee Village   Huai Yai5,190,000 — 5,900,000
Paradise Hill 2   East Pattaya
Paradise Villas 2   East Pattaya
Park Rung Rueng   East Pattaya
Passorn Village 1   East Pattaya
Patta Village   East Pattaya
Pattaya Green Ville   East Pattaya10,400,000 — 10,400,000
Pattaya Lagoon Resort   South Pattaya
Pattaya Land and House   East Pattaya
Pattaya Paradise Village 1   East Pattaya
Pattaya Paradise Village 2   East Pattaya
Pattaya Tropical   East Pattaya3,500,000 — 3,500,000
Patthai Villa   East Pattaya
Ponthep Garden Home 7   East Pattaya
Ponthep Garden Ville 1   East Pattaya
Pornthep Garden Ville 5   East Pattaya
Prasopchok Villa   East Pattaya
Prinsiri Village   Wong Amat
RatanaKorn Village   East Pattaya
Raviporn Golden Hill   East Pattaya
Raviporn Place   East Pattaya
Raviporn Village   South Pattaya
Royal Belleview Penthouse   Pratamnak Hill
Royal Park Hill   East Pattaya
Sea Breeze Villa   Wong Amat
Serenity Jomtien Villas   Jomtien13,950,000 — 19,950,000
Siam Royal View Pattaya   East Pattaya
Silk Road Place Pattaya   East Pattaya
Sirisa 12 Village   Wong Amat
SP Village 2   East Pattaya
SP Village 3   East Pattaya
SP Village 4   East Pattaya
SP Village 5   East Pattaya
Suwattana Garden Village   East Pattaya
Tatawan Village   East Pattaya
Thepnimit   Central Pattaya
TownHouse in soi Kaonoi   East Pattaya
Tropicana Villa Jomtien Beach   Jomtien
TW City Home   East Pattaya
TW Palm Resort   Jomtien
TW Place   Central Pattaya
TW Wanasin   East Pattaya
Unity Garden Home   South Pattaya
V View Villa   Bang Saray
View Point   South Pattaya
View Talay Villas   Jomtien
Viewtalay Marina Villas   Na-Jomtien
Villa Amaliya   Huai Yai
Vivo Ville Pattaya   East Pattaya9,590,000 — 9,590,000
VN resort   Pratamnak Hill
Wanthip 1   East Pattaya
Wanthip 2   East Pattaya
Wantip 6   East Pattaya
Whispering Palms   East Pattaya
The Willows Bang Saray   Bang Saray
Winston Village   East Pattaya4,100,000 — 4,690,000

Pattaya Houses & Townhouses - Maps

Finance from Developer
from 1,700,000 baht

Pristine Park 3

Riviera Malibu

Grand Solaire Noble

Copacobana Coral Reef

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