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Property in Thailand: Studio in Pattaya, 0 bedrooms, 25 sq.m., 2,231,000 THB
Dusit Grand Park 2
Studio, Size 25 sq.m.
2,231,000 THB
Property in Thailand: Apartment in Pattaya, 1 bedrooms, 29 sq.m., 3,190,000 THB
Grand Solaire
1 bedrooms, Size 29 sq.m.
Floor number - 20,  Seaview
3,190,000 THB
Property in Thailand: Apartment in Pattaya, 1 bedrooms, 46 sq.m., 5,470,000 THB
1 bedrooms, Size 46 sq.m.
Floor number - 12,  Seaview
5,470,000 THB
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Properties by Name in Pattaya

Wong Amat
Central Pattaya
South Pattaya
Pratamnak Hill
East Pattaya
Huai Yai
Bang Saray
Si Racha
Object District
9 Karat Condominium Central Pattaya
Abatalay Condominium Jomtien
Acqua Condo Pattaya Jomtien
AD Bang Saray Lake Resort Bang Saray
AD Condominium Hyatt Wong Amat
AD Condominium Racha Residence Wong Amat
AD Condominium Wongamat Wong Amat
Aeras Condominium Jomtien
Albar Peninsula Na-Jomtien
Amari Residences Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Amazon Residence Condominium Jomtien
Ananya Beachfront Condominium Wong Amat
Andromeda Condo Pratamnak Hill
Angket Condominium Jomtien
Apus Condominium Central Pattaya
Arcadia Beach Continental South Pattaya
Arcadia Beach Imperial Jomtien
Arcadia Beach Residence Naklua Wong Amat
Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya South Pattaya
Arcadia Center Suites Pratamnak Hill
Arcadia Millennium Tower South Pattaya
Arom Jomtien Jomtien
Arom Wongamat Wong Amat
Art On The Hill Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Arunothai Condo Pratamnak Pratamnak Hill
Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya Jomtien
Aurora Pratumnak Condo Pratamnak Hill
Avatara Jomtien Condominium Jomtien
Baan Hat Authong Condo Pratamnak Hill
Baan Plai Haad Wong Amat Wong Amat
Baan Somprasong Na-Jomtien
Baan Suan Lalana Jomtien
Bang Saray Beach Condominium Bang Saray
Bang Saray Condominium Bang Saray
Bang Sarey Resorts Bang Saray
Bay View Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Beach Condominium 7 Jomtien
Beach Front Jomtien Residence Na-Jomtien
Beach Villa Viphavadi Na-Jomtien
Beverly Mountain Bay Pratamnak Hill
BM Gold Condominium Central Pattaya
Casa Espana Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Casalunar Paradiso Bang Saen
Centara Avenue Residence and Suites Pattaya Central Pattaya
Centara Grand Residence Pattaya Na-Jomtien
Centric Sea Pattaya Central Pattaya
Cetus Beachfront Condominium Jomtien
Chateau Dale Jomtien
Chom Talay Resort Condominium Na-Jomtien
City Center Residence Central Pattaya
City Garden Pattaya Central Pattaya
City Garden Pratumnak Pratamnak Hill
City Garden Tower South Pattaya
City Garden Tropicana Wong Amat
Club House Condo Pratamnak Hill
Club Quaters Condo Bang Saray
Club Royal Condo Wong Amat
Copacabana Beach Jomtien Jomtien
Copacabana Coral Reef Jomtien
Cosy Beach View Condominium Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
De Blue 2 South Pattaya
Del Mare Bang Saray Beachfront Condominium Bang Saray
Diamond Suites Resort Condominium South Pattaya
Diamond Tower Pratamnak Hill
Dream Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Dusit Grand Condo View Jomtien
Dusit Grand Park 2 Jomtien
Dusit Grand Park Pattaya Jomtien
Dusit Grand Tower Jomtien
Eden Heights Pratamnak Hill
EDGE Central Pattaya Central Pattaya
Elegance Cozy Beach Condo Pratamnak Hill
Elysium Residences Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Emerald Palace Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Empire Tower Pattaya Jomtien
Espana Condo Resort Pattaya Jomtien
Estanan Condo Pratamnak Hill
Executive Residence 4 Pratamnak Hill
Executive Residence II Pratamnak Hill
Executive Residence III Pratamnak Hill
Fifth Avenue Pratamnak Hill
Golden Pattaya Condominium Wong Amat
Goldensand Beachside Condominium Na-Jomtien
Grand Avenue Golden Tulip Central Pattaya
Grand Condotel Jomtien
Grand Florida Beachfront Na-Jomtien
Grand Solaire Noble Central Pattaya
Grand Solaire Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Grande Caribbean Pattaya South Pattaya
Green Cascade Bang Saray Bang Saray
Habitus Condominium Jomtien
Hargone Condominium South Pattaya
Harmonia City Garden South Pattaya
Holiday Condo View Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Hyde Park Residence 2 Pratamnak Hill
Hyde Park Residence One Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Imperial Twins Residence Pratamnak Hill
Jomtien Beach Condominium Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Mountain Condominium 2 Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Mountain Condominium 3 Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Mountain Condominium 5 Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Mountain Condominium 6 Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Paradise Condominium Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Penthouses Jomtien
Jomtien Beach Residence Jomtien
Jomtien Complex Condotel Jomtien
Jomtien Condotel Jomtien
Jomtien Plaza Condotel Jomtien
Jomtien Plaza Residence Jomtien
Jomtien Shining Star Jomtien
Jomtien View Residence Na-Jomtien
Katalina III Pratamnak Hill
Katalina Residence II Pratamnak Hill
Keha 2 Thepprasit Condo South Pattaya
Keha Condominium South Pattaya
Khiang Talay Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Kityada Pavillion Condo Na-Jomtien
Krisda Golden Condotel Cliff and Park Na-Jomtien
La Santir Jomtien
Laguna Bay Pratamnak Hill
Laguna Bay 2 Pratamnak Hill
Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives Jomtien
Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien Jomtien
Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien 2 Jomtien
Laguna Heights Wong Amat
Leela Paradise Residence Jomtien
Life Star City Tower Central Pattaya
Life Vela Casa Wong Amat
Little Norway Condominium Pratamnak Hill
LK Legend Condominium Central Pattaya
Lumpini Park Beach Jomtien Jomtien
Lumpini Ville Naklua Wongamat Wong Amat
Marina Golden Bay South Pattaya
Masters Residence Pratamnak Hill
Meridiem Park Pratamnak Hill
Metro Jomtien Condotel Jomtien
Modus Beachfront Condominium Wong Amat
Montrari Jomtien Beach View Jomtien
Musselana Beachfront Boutique Condominium Na-Jomtien
Nam Talay Condominium Na-Jomtien
Natureza Art North Pattaya Condo Wong Amat
Near Beach Residence Wong Amat
Neo Condo Pattaya Jomtien
Neo Condo Sea View Jomtien
New Nordic Atrium Condominium Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Boutique Condominium Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic C View Boutique Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic C View Residence Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Club 2 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Club 4 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Palace Condominium Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Trend 5 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic Trend 7 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP 1 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP 2 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP 4 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP 5 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP Suites 4 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP Suites 5 Pratamnak Hill
New Nordic VIP Suites 6 Pratamnak Hill
Nirun Grand Ville Condominium Central Pattaya
Nirvana Place South Pattaya
Nordic Apartment 4 Pratamnak Hill
Nordic Little Dream Pratamnak Hill
Nordic Park Hill Pratamnak Hill
Nordic Terrace Condo Pratamnak Hill
North Beach Condominium Wong Amat
Northpoint Wong Amat
Northshore Condominium Central Pattaya
Nova Atrium Condominium Central Pattaya
Nova Mirage Wong Amat
Nova Ocean View Residence Pratamnak Hill
Oasis Condo Pratamnak Hill
Ocean Horizon Beachfront Pattaya Na-Jomtien
Ocean Marina Na-Jomtien
Ocean Pacific Condominium Na-Jomtien
Object District
Ocean Pearl Condo Pratamnak Hill
Ocean Portofino Na-Jomtien
Olympus City Garden South Pattaya
Once Pattaya Wong Amat
One Tower Pratumnak Condo Pratamnak Hill
Onyx Pattaya Residences Pratamnak Hill
Orion Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Orion Wong Amat Wong Amat
Pacific Bay Jomtien
Palm Bay 1 South Pattaya
Panchalae Boutique Residence Jomtien
Panya Resort Condominium Bang Saen
Paradise Ocean View Wong Amat
Paradise Park Jomtien
Park Beach Condominium Wong Amat
Park Lane Jomtien Resort Jomtien
Park Royal Pratamnak Hill
Park Royal 2 Pratamnak Hill
Park Royal 3 Pratamnak Hill
Pattaya Center Condotel Central Pattaya
Pattaya City Resort Condominum South Pattaya
Pattaya Condotel Chain Jomtien
Pattaya DelRay Condominium Wong Amat
Pattaya Heights I Pratamnak Hill
Pattaya Hill Resort Pratamnak Hill
Pattaya Klang Center Point Central Pattaya
Pattaya Plaza Condotel Central Pattaya
Pattaya Tower Central Pattaya
Peak Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Pine Shore Condominium Na-Jomtien
Porch Land 2 Jomtien
Prima Wongamat Pattaya Wong Amat
Pristine Park 3 South Pattaya
Rama Harbour View Condominium Si Racha
Ramada Mira North Pattaya Wong Amat
Ramada Pattaya Mountain Bay Pratamnak Hill
Reflection Jomtien Beach Na-Jomtien
Rising Place Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Riviera Ocean Drive Jomtien
Royal Beach Condotel Pratamnak Hill
Royal Cliff Garden Pratamnak Hill
Royal Hill Resort Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Royal Tulip Suites Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Ruamchok Condo 2 Pratamnak Hill
Ruamchok Condoview 5 Pratamnak Hill
Ruamchok Condoview 7 Pratamnak Hill
Rungfa Condo Central Pattaya
Sands Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Saranchol Pattaya Condominium Wong Amat
Savanna Sands Condominium Jomtien
Sea Saran Condo Bang Sarey Bang Saray
Sea Sky View Condominium Jomtien
Sea Zen Condo Bang Saray Bang Saray
Serenity Wongamat Wong Amat
Seven Seas Condo Jomtien Jomtien
Seven Seas Cote d Azur Na-Jomtien
Seven Seas Le Carnival Jomtien
Siam Oriental Condo Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Elegance 1 Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Elegance 2 Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Garden 2 Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Garden 3 Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Garden Condominium Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Plaza Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Tropical Garden Pratamnak Hill
Siam Oriental Twins Pratamnak Hill
Siam Penthouse III Wong Amat
Siam Royal Ocean View Pratamnak Hill
Silver Beach Condominium Wong Amat
Sky Beach Condominium Wong Amat
Skylight Condominium Jomtien
Skypark Lucean Jomtien Pattaya Jomtien
Sombat Condo View Pratamnak Hill
Sombat Pattaya Condotel Pratamnak Hill
Somboon Condo Wong Amat
Somphong Condotel Na-Jomtien
Southpoint Pratamnak Hill
Spanish Place Pattaya Condominium Central Pattaya
Star Beach Condotel Pratamnak Hill
Star Condominium Pratamnak Hill
STS Beach Condominium Na-Jomtien
Suan Sawarn Condominium Jomtien
Sunrise Beach Resort and Residence 2 Na-Jomtien
Sunset Boulevard Residence Pratamnak Hill
Sunset Heights Na-Jomtien
Sunshine Beach Condotel Na-Jomtien
Supalai Mare Pattaya South Pattaya
Sweet Condotel 1 Pratamnak Hill
Sweet Condotel 2 Pratamnak Hill
The Avenue Residence Central Pattaya
The Axis Condominium Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
The Base Central Pattaya Central Pattaya
The Bay View Condominium 2 Pratamnak Hill
The Blue Residence South Pattaya
The Cliff Pratamnak Hill
The Cloud Condominium Pratumnak Pratamnak Hill
The Cove Wong Amat
The Cube Pratamnak Hill
The Embassy Condo Jomtien Jomtien
The Feelture Na-Jomtien
The Gallery Condominium Jomtien
The Grand AD Jomtien Beach Pattaya Jomtien
The IVY Jomtien Jomtien
The Jewel Pratumnak Condo Pratamnak Hill
The Lofts Pratumnak Pratamnak Hill
The Lofts Southshore Pratamnak Hill
The Luciano Pattaya South Pattaya
The Majestic Jomtien Condominium Jomtien
The Mark Land Boutique Hotel Central Pattaya
The Meridiem Condominium South Pattaya
The Novana Residence South Pattaya
The Number One Jomtien Na-Jomtien
The Orient Jomtien Jomtien
The Palm Wongamat Wong Amat
The Panora Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
The Paradise Residence Condo Jomtien
The Park Jomtien
The Peak Towers Pratamnak Hill
The Place Pratumnak Condominium Pratamnak Hill
The Pride Condominium South Pattaya
The Prim Grand Condominium Wong Amat
The Residence Jomtien Beach Jomtien
The Residences Dream Na Jomtien Na-Jomtien
The Riviera Jomtien Jomtien
The Riviera Malibu Pratamnak Hill
The Riviera Monaco Na-Jomtien
The Riviera Wongamat Beach Wong Amat
The Sanctuary WongAmat Wong Amat
The Sixty Six Condominium Pattaya Central Pattaya
The Sky Jomtien
The Trust Condo North Pattaya Wong Amat
The Trust Residence Central Pattaya Central Pattaya
The Urban Attitude Condo Central Pattaya
The Urban Pattaya City Condo Central Pattaya
The Venetian Signature Condo Resort Pattaya Na-Jomtien
The View Cozy Beach Pratamnak Hill
The Vision Pratamnak Hill
The Winner Pratamnak Hill
The Winner 2 Pratamnak Hill
Thepthip Mantion Pratamnak Hill
Thien Tong Condotel Jomtien
Treetops Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Trio Gems Condominium Jomtien
Tropicana Condotel Pratamnak Hill
Tudor Court Pratamnak Hill
TW Platinum Suites Jomtien Beach Jomtien
TW Wong Amat Beach Wong Amat
Unicca Condo South Pattaya
Unixx South Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
VCC Condotel Condominium South Pattaya
View Talay 1 Jomtien
View Talay 2 Jomtien
View Talay 3 Pratamnak Hill
View Talay 5 Jomtien
View Talay 6 Central Pattaya
View Talay 7 Jomtien
View Talay Residence 3 Jomtien
View Talay Residence 6 Wong Amat
View Talay Residence Condominium 4 Jomtien
Viewtalay Marina Beach Condominium 8 Jomtien
VIP Condo Chain Na-Jomtien
VN Residence 2 Pratamnak Hill
VN Residence 3 Pratamnak Hill
Water Park Condominium Pattaya Pratamnak Hill
Waterfront Suites and Residences Pratamnak Hill
Waters Edge Na-Jomtien
Whale Marina Condo Na-Jomtien
Wongamat Garden Beach Resort Condominium Wong Amat
Wongamat Privacy Residence Wong Amat
Wongamat Residence Condominium Wong Amat
Wongamat Tower Wong Amat
Wyndham Grand Residences Wongamat Wong Amat
Yensabai Condotel South Pattaya
ZEN Condominiums Jomtien
Zire Wongamat Wong Amat

Finance from Developer
from 1,700,000 baht

Pristine Park 3

Riviera Malibu

Grand Solaire Noble

Copacobana Coral Reef

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